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preppers, it may be their only option. Enough of them will
have the means to hunt wildlife to the point of near
extinction within months. (City people own guns and hunt
Logical Conclusion 4:
Wildlife will be decimated and will not
return to sufficient levels as a reliable food source for years
after the collapse.
Logical Analysis 5:
Most, if not all, of the engineers and
technicians who have the expertise to restart oil refineries
will succumb during the first die-off. Therefore, restarting oil
refineries will be impossible in the short-term and very
questionable in the long-term.
Logical Conclusion 5:
Under a state of absolute anarchy,
tractors cannot be used to produce food due to a lack of fuel,
oil, and lubricants.
Note: There are two options to bypass the lack of refined oil.
1) All modern tractors operate on diesel fuel and can be
converted to run on vegetable oil. Long-term, you must be
able to produce and process a lot of grain to obtain the oil. 2)
Older gasoline tractors (Ford built many thousands) can be
converted to run on a gasifier. Eventually, it might be
possible to produce steam driven tractors. That won’t help
during the initial years when manpower must be used to turn
soil, plant seeds, and harvest crops. If you want to have an
operational tractor after the collapse, convert one now.
Logical Analysis 6
: To grow a garden, the soil must be turned,
the seeds planted, and the vegetables harvested and
preserved. Since there will be no fuel for the tractors, raw
muscle power is required to do the work. Don’t plan on
mules or horses harnessed to plows. Technically, it would be
possible to rig a plow, but most mules and horses will be
easy to catch and turned into food early into the collapse.
Regardless, very few mules and horses are trained to pull a
plow. A lifetime supply of gardening tools (hoes, rakes,
shovels, spades, etc.) and preservation means (salt, canning
supplies, etc.) will be needed. How much do you have? You
can expect that farm animals will be slaughtered and eaten
early in the collapse.
Logical Conclusion 6:
Vegetable production will be
accomplished manually. Protein sources, cows, fowl, rabbits,
goats, pigs, etc. require a healthy breeding stock protected
from theft and predators. There are numerous ways to utilize
rice and beans to provide protein. Do your research now.
Logical Analysis 7:
Many preppers plan to go mobile or bug-
out on foot to the deep woods, isolate themselves from
others, and live off the land. First, very few people today
have the expertise to live off the land, especially for
extended periods of time. Second, over time, millions of
refugees will penetrate deeper into the wilderness. At some
point, any prepper who bugged-out to the deep forest,
mountainous or not, will be discovered. It may take several
weeks or months, but it’s inevitable. Finally, it is not possible
to prepare for or produce a long-term food supply while
living in the woods. The wide variety and quantity of seeds
and gardening tools required for sustained food production
won’t fit in a backpack.
I’ve parachuted into remote locations in different parts of
the world and lived for up to a month with what I could carry
in my backpack. Wearing the same clothes and going without
a shower for a month in freezing weather or running out of
mosquito repellant in tropical climates has profound
negative psychological effects. Break a leg and you’re on your
own. If your experience in outdoor living is limited to short
backpacking trips with plenty of food and no security
worries, you need to rethink bugging-out to the woods.
Logical Conclusion 7
: It is folly to attempt to survive solo or
in a very small group under any circumstances. Going mobile
or bugging-out to the woods—alone or with a small group—
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