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After writing Absolute Anarchy, making a few presentations
to prepper groups, and answering questions during podcast
interviews, the old gray matter began to formulate a set of
logical analyses that, in my experience, eliminate the
feasibility of all but one prepper survival strategy. I assert, as
depicted in Islam Rising, that a group survival plan, with the
right materials and equipment in a rural setting, maximizes
the chances for short-and long-term survival far better than
any other means. That’s not to imply that some won’t survive
by other means, but group cooperation maximizes your
chances of survival better than other courses of action.
Logical Analysis 1: James Woolsey, Former Director of the CIA
(1993-1995), and Vincent Pry wrote in The Hill, on March 29,
2017, that as many as 90% of Americans—about 300,000,000
—would perish if North Korea launched an electromagnetic
pulse (EMP) attack against America. It is reasonable to
assume that any event resulting in the loss of the electric grid
and fuel production and distribution will produce the same
result as an EMP attack.
The die-off will begin within a few weeks of the collapse and
gain momentum about the second or third week. Without
food, the human body goes into starvation mode after three
days; most people die within three weeks. Millions will not
make it that far. The very old, very young, those with weak
immune systems, and those who contract diseases,
especially from untreated water, will likely perish in less than
three weeks. Exposure to extreme weather conditions will
exacerbate the problem.
Logical Conclusion 1:
James Woolsey is correct and about
90% of America’s population will perish within the first few
months following any event that triggers a state of absolute
Logical Analysis 2
: Too many preppers are not aware of the
sizeable amount of equipment and supplies required to live
long-term without electricity, fuel, and lubricants. Most will
have insufficient resources to survive past the initial 90-day
die-off. Their lack of food coupled with no open pollinated
seeds and gardening hand tools threatens their ability to
survive long enough to begin long-term food production.
After the die-off, gardening hand tools may be available for
scavenging, but only if not already taken by those who are
more prepared and have this insight.
Logical Conclusion 2
: A second die-off will begin after about
90 days. Perhaps millions of less ready preppers will die in
the second famine wave.
Logical Analysis 3:
Based on the time of year the collapse
occurs, and which part of the United States the prepper
bugs-out to, it could be almost three years before a
sustainable food source is produced. Further, if the first
growing season’s crop fails, another year’s worth of food and
open pollinated seeds will be needed to stave off starvation.
If a prepper can secure breeding stock of fowl, rabbits, goats,
livestock, or other protein sources, the meat produced would
help to avoid starvation.
Logical Conclusion 3:
Preppers must have enough food
stored before the collapse to last through the die-off and
into the food production of at least the first two growing
seasons. That requires no less than a two-year food supply
before the collapse occurs.
Logical Analysis 4:
During the initial days following an
economic, political, and societal collapse, over 325,000,000
people—approximate U.S. population today—will be
searching for food to remain alive. Millions of desperately
hungry people, many of them armed, will have the same idea
as those preppers who plan to survive in the woods. For non-
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