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The preparedness movement has taken on many
forms over the years. The branches of this tree that
covers the scope of preparedness spread far and
wide. While not an exhaustive list, we have seen
over the course of our staff's own journey people
refer to themselves in the prepping arena as
homesteaders, self-sufficient enthusiasts, preppers,
minimalists, patriots, ex-patriots, off-gridders, and
many other forms or terms are used.
The approaches to preparedness are as varied as
the forms. They can range from militant to passive,
from lone wolf to community-driven, from
purchasing massive supplies all at once to the slow
build approach. But no matter the form or
approach that fits any one of us, at any point along
this journey, the truth is they all can overlap and
interchange and still be in the family of
One very strong vein that does appear to run
through all forms and approaches to preparedness
is that of DIY. “Do It Yourself.” We tend to have a
knack for looking at how to do something rather
than just going to get something. We may gather
supplies, but we also seek the skills to use them or
to be prepared if the supplies run out. The DIY
attitude is not just a movement in the home decor
and crafting fad, but it is a pioneer spirit that seems
to be deep in the heart of preparedness in every
form or approach.
With this issue of PREPARE Magazine we are
happy to bring you more that speaks to that spirit
of DIY! Of course, this is merely scratching at the
surface, but we hope you will connect with the
authors of these articles (and other PREPARE
Magazine articles too of course) to join forces with
others with that pioneer spirit that empowers the
preparedness journey.
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