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Lattice is generally attached to a wooden frame with nails.
The framed lattice is then secured on posts, using nails or
screws, that have been put two or three feet into the
ground. These posts can be secured with cement if they are
meant to be permanent. The lattice can be nailed on the
side of these posts to create a fence or it can be mounted
on top of four corner posts to create a shaded area
underneath of it.
Solid Shade
Solid shading in the garden would be used to create a
shaded area where there is not currently one. For example,
if you have planted some small trees that do not offer much
shade, but want to put in shade plants, creating an area of
solid shade would be a good idea.
You can do this using solid material such as metal roofing,
plywood or heavy shade cloth. As the tree grows, the
structure that is holding the shade material would be
removed. This gives you the chance to establish a shade
garden before there is enough shade there to sustain it.
Mounting solid shading can be done in a variety of ways. If it
is wood or metal you would use nails or screws to secure it
to the wood or other material you are mounting it to. If it is
a heavy shade cloth you would mount it the same way you
would regular shade cloth. You could lay it over the top of
hoop houses, cold frames, greenhouses or other structures
such as wood frames. It can be nailed down or tied down to
a stake in the ground, similar to the way you would tie a
tent if it is the type that has grommet, or metal ring with an
empty center area in it. It can be clipped on hoops using
greenhouse clips that are available through greenhouse
supply stores or simply secured to the ground using a heavy
material such as rocks, stones or sandbags similar to the
way you would secure plastic to the ground.
By using these various techniques you can successfully
garden year-round even if you live in a cold climate. For
more information, please check out The Complete Idiot’s
Guide To Year-Round Gardening.
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