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Safety First
Make safety a priority in all aspects of your building process,
testing and operation of your wood gas generator. Wear
protective gear when welding, and working with metal. Wear
gloves and eye protection when working and operating the
gasifier. When operating the gasifier, always wear gloves,
and even with gloves, avoid touching the hot surfaces of the
operating wood gas generator due to the extreme
temperatures. Additionally, always operate the gasifier
outdoors or in a well-ventilated area and avoid breathing the
smoke and wood gas. The wood gas (syngas) contains carbon
monoxide which can be deadly. Just as you would not
operate your vehicle in an enclosed space or indoors due to
the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, treat your wood
gas generator with the same caution.
The decision to acquire or build a wood gas generator will be
one of the wisest decisions you will make in empowering you
and your family to live a more independent and self-
sustaining life. Whether you live in the city, are tied to the
grid and use it for emergency power generation or if you live
off grid and generate your own power, you will find that this
is a crucial and important step in your energy independence.
We welcome you to the growing members of wood
gasification enthusiasts and we wish you the best success in
the pursuit of your energy independence.
Should you have any questions on the information provided
or if you would like some assistance in acquiring or building
of your own wood gas generator, we would be glad to assist.
We can provide wood gas consultation services, DIY build
kits, DIY Builder workshops and even complete Wood Gas
Generator builds.
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