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Grinding/Cutting Tool (4.5” or 5”)
Cutting Tool (3”)
Metal Drill bits (1/8”-3/4”)
Bimetal Hole Saws (1” – 3”)
Metal Roller (Optional)
Drill Press (Optional)
Table Saw
Air Compressor
Safety Glasses
Welding/Work Gloves
Misc. Tape Measure, Hammer, Wrenches, Screw Drivers,
Allen Wrenches
Wire Stripper/Cutter/Crimpers
Black Markers
Caulking Gun
Materials will vary depending upon your specific chosen
design. When building a production level design for high fuel
grade syngas, your chosen materials must be capable of
extreme heat environment. Internal temperatures can
approach 2000° F, which is enough to melt metal, so the
internal components that will experience the highest
temperatures should be stainless steel.
Structural and
housing components can be made using 1/8” and ¼” mild
steel. Lighter gauge metals can be used on the cooling and
filtering system that will be exposed to much reduced
temperatures. Be very cautious of designs that utilize very
light gauge metal such as that used in 50 gallon drums or
even PVC components. Designs using these materials will
either fail over time or the system will not be able to achieve
the high temperatures needed for highest grade wood gas.
Some of the typical materials needed for your build will
25 Gallon (100#) Propane tanks
5 Gallon (25#) Propane tank
1/8” Mild steel plate metal
¼” Mild steel plate metal
¼” Stainless steel plate metal
2” Exhaust tubing
1.5” Exhaust tubing
1.25” Stainless tubing
5” Mild steel round pipe
6” Stainless steel round pipe
5” Mild steel square tubing
1.5” Mild steel square tubing
1” Mild steel flat bar
¾” Mild steel flat bar
½” Mild steel flat bar
¾” Stainless round bar
1” mild steel square bar
3” Black pipe and cap
2” Black pipe and cap
1.5” Black pipe and cap
1.25” Black pipe and cap
CNC stainless steel air jets
Expanded metal sheet
2” Ball valve
1.5” Ball valve
1.25” swing valve
¾” High temperature silicone
1” High Temperature ‘Fire Rope’
Superwool rolled high temp insulation
High temperature mortar
High Temperature gasket seal
High temperature liquid gasket
High capacity suction blower
Grate motor assembly
Automation relay control
Filter Media – Course
Filter media – Medium
Filter media – Fine
Misc. Nuts and bolts
Misc. 12 vdc wiring
Misc. 12 vdc switches
Know your metals!
There are lots of different types of metals available. Know
what type of metal is required for what type of component.
As mentioned previously, when working properly the
temperatures in the wood gas generator are sufficient to
melt metal. Below is an example of what happens when the
wrong type of metal was used in an internal component. The
internal temperatures melted the part that should have been
stainless steel.
Gasifier Components
Regardless of which design you choose to build, there are
some standard components to the wood gas generator:
The reactor is the most critical component of the
wood gas generator. This is where the wood fuel is
combusted and the syngas is created. In this component the
regulation of the air required for combustion is critical to the
creation of the gas. It is in the core of the reactor (Choke/
Reduction Tube) where the extremely high temperatures are
obtained as the fuel is combusted.
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